ICS Skills and ECDL Foundation 14th National IT Training Conference welcome President McAleese & Celebrated the 500,000th ECDL Student

25th March 2011 @ The Convention Centre Dublin

This year’s conference was centred on the Digital Agenda for Europe, and the implementation EU2020 (2014 – 2020) a new plan for Europe. Within the EU2020 plan there are 7 flagship initiatives; the one that we are interested in is the Digital Agenda Europe. The 7 pillars on which it is based include The Enhanced Digital Literacy Skills and Inclusion. It is understood and recognised on a European level that enhanced digital literacy skills and inclusion is very important and worth funding. The funding that will be allocated to Europe will be filtered down to countries and organisations and we need to put ourselves in a position to get support, in an area that we have already been focusing on and have been for some time.  This area cannot run its course; computer literacy is just as vital as basic literacy skills. E-learning is a fact of life and the importance of mainstreaming this learning is key to success as a nation. Ireland has been hailed as the Internet Hub of Europe we need to continue to upskill the workforce that Ireland has to offer.

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Discussion topics –

Should we continue with I.T Skills Training?

Many would say ‘no’ that we are living in an I.T environment and the knowledge society, many think young people know everything about computers – they might be part of the facebook generation ,however, if we delve deeper into those I.T Competences we will see a severe lack in the foundations of I.T competence.Therefore we need to ensure that we don’t get too complacent and ensure we continually strive to improve and upskill.

“Relentless Pursuit of Moore’s Law Opens the Door to Innovations…”

“We don’t move into the future we shape the future”

                                                Martin Curley, Director, Intel Labs Europe

“Future is not linear, change is not linear it is exponential if you look at the last 10 year there is no way you can map that across the next ten years and say it is going to be the same, we are living in very interesting times”

                                                                        Steve Wheeler, University of Plymouth



1. Distributed (Cloud) Computing

2. Extended Smart Mobile Technology

3. Collaborative Intelligent Filtering

4. 3D Visualisation and Interaction



Evolving ICT in Education

Computer skills are essential in today’s world. Almost 11 million people have undertaken the ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence)  programme worldwide. ECDL is deleiverd by ICS Skills, a not-for-profit group, helping people of all ages to improve their computer skills.

The ECDL has been recognized as an effective tool in bridging the digital divide in Ireland. ECDL Programmes address the IT skills needs of individuals both young and mature, beginner-level or advanced for both professional and personal enrichment.

ECDL the World’s Most Recognized IT Certification

-          500,000 candidates in Ireland have undertaken this programme

-          Currently in 400 Irish second level schools

-          11 million students worldwide have participated in ECDL in 148 Countries

ECDL provides a clear path to advancement with ECDL Advanced and ECDL Specialist Programmes.

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